About Us

Our mission at BlueBoys Frozen Desserts is to provide
the best frozen desserts at a reasonable and set price. This way our customers know exactly what they are paying no matter how many toppings they pile on. We take a great deal of pride and care in what we do. Our customers know we are here to answer questions,
help them with their selections, and ensure they
get what they came for.

Committed to Customers

Nothing is more satisfying than our customers
letting us know how much they enjoy our desserts and the magical experience that comes with creating it yourself. Our kiosk and employees are committed to providing you and your family with the best experience in frozen dessert creation and consumption.

What Our Customers Think...

"I love this place! Even though they are new, we've already been twice to treat the whole family... I've had sticker shock at other yogurt shops. Here I know exactly how much it will be and the kids can still get what they want."

— Malon R.